usaidisnew1USAIDIS (AIDIS-USA) is one of 24 chapters that represent AIDIS-Interamericana in 32 countries. AIDIS-Interamericana's objective is the development and enhancement of Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Science activities for the improvement of the environment, public health and the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Americas.


Mission Statement

The mission of USAIDIS is to further the goals of AIDIS Interamericana through programs and services that promote sound environmental practices, policies, management, and education to improve the quality of life throughout the Americas. In carrying out this mission, USAIDIS will:

  1. facilitate communication and establish links among organizations and individuals
  2. promote the technical and professional development of AIDIS members
  3. support the reciprocal exchange of appropriate technology, education, and practices, and
  4. uphold the highest standards of professionalism

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